Ralph and I decided to move in together. Lee and his girlfriend wanted to set up home, and I ended up in the position of third-wheel. It just made sense to live in Leeds with R, because we were spending all of our time together anyway and I have no ties to Harrogate that would make me sad about leaving. Ralph’s house is disgusting, by the way. He’s had it for 10 years and between him and his former housemates the place has just fallen into rack and ruin. And it was rack and ruin to begin with, so … yeah. I’m having to make adjustments. There are spiders everywhere.

I’m trying to organise all of my modelling photos into order, labelled and categorised, before uploading them to this website. I haven’t modelled for a while – at least not since photographer Barney Allen screwed me over on a whole bunch of photos back in September. I’m still annoyed about it, not least because the photos looked amazing but also because Barney and I seemed to get on really well. However, three months down the line he’s still not responded to my emails and texts, so I’m having to write off the two hours I spent shivering in a thin dress as a waste of my time.

Later today Ralph and I will be going into Harrogate to pick up one of his paintings so he can ship it to a buyer in Australia. We’ll also be stopping to have coffee and a late lunch with my sister. I can think of worse reasons to visit.