Ralph and I made the decision today to add a little person to our family. Meet … Errol!

The decision to get a new cat is not one that we’ve undertaken lightly. My friends all know how incredibly difficult it has been for me to deal with losing Remi, and I’m still struggling with flashbacks and guilt related to my anxiety disorder and PTSD. But Ralph has been incredibly supportive and I finally feel confident about being able to love a new cat without beating myself up emotionally about it. Errol has a bit of a look of Remi about him, but different markings and a totally different personality. He came with a bunch of little friends (fleas, worms AND mites!) but he’s off to the vet tomorrow so we’ll have him feeling a bit more comfortable in no time. We both adore him already and it seems like he’s a pretty confident, playful little dude, so we’re both pretty happy about our furry little newcomer.