I’m so happy – last night Ralph and I went to see Nizlopi in Wakefield. I’ve been waiting about 7 years for this moment, having fallen completely in love with them whilst working at Q. We used to play their music through the sound system after hours, after we’d shut up shop and gone upstairs with the ashtrays and beers and shots, to party til 8am and dance and sing along to songs we’d loved for years. And Nizlopi would always make an appearance at around-about 5am, after most people had gone home and just the stragglers were left, still singing to each other, drunk on cocktails and love. The memories have stayed warm throughout the years. Nizlopi means good times and good friends and love and noise and freedom.

So to be able to see this band, who broke up and reformed without my even knowing; this band who I would walk through fire to have play at my wedding (ah dreams!), was beyond amazing. And they were. Amazing. I already have tickets to see them play again (in Leeds at the end of the year) and I can’t wait.

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(Oh yes, and they gave me their set list 😀 )