I’m so happy! I just got a new contract with HMRC that will mean my moving up to Newcastle, potentially for up to 2 years. I’ll be working as a content designer in the public sector – effectively a civil servant – which is exactly what I want to be doing.  And providing my contract gets re-upped in February (when all of the contracts are set to renew) this will be the big break that R and I need to get us out of Harehills. I’ve worked really hard to get this contract, applying to all of the digital centres around the UK, refining and refining my interview skills, and being as persistent as I possibly can. And I guess all that hard work has finally paid off! R is happy too, and so he should be- he deserves this as much as I do 😀

There’s so much that I need to prepare before I go to Newcastle. I’ve never been there before and I’ll be staying in a hotel, so I need to get acquainted with the city online and work out my travel/accommodation plans before the 5th. So little time and so much to do!