I can’t believe how overdue this post is. I’ve been so busy that whenever I’ve had a spare moment I’ve had to dedicate it to doing things like sorting out receipts and tax info and financial information for our estate agent etc etc, instead of doing what I really want who has is to settle down with my laptop and catch up some more personal tasks.

Nevertheless, the fact that I’m able to write this at all is a good sign, as it means I’m pretty much all caught up on my admin and have finally found a spare moment in which to write something just for myself. Everything is going fine at home. Errol is still on a diet because the vet told us he’s a fatty (he looks fine, just weighs a lot!), so he’s been a bit of a pain. R is fine but has been poorly for a couple of weeks now, which I’m not terribly happy about because I’m not there to make sure he’s eating properly etc. And Harehills is still as bullshit as ever, exemplified by the fact that our neighbours took Christmas day as an opportunity to stab one another (whole big thing). But it’s fine (she insisted, slightly maniacally) because we’ll be out of there soon!!!

I’ve made a new year’s resolution, which is to travel more. In fact, now that I’m earning a decent amount and R and I are looking forward to being settled somewhere a bit more sedate, which will make us feel better about leaving Errol with a cat sitter while we’re away, I’m aiming to visit at least 2 new countries every year. This year I’m planning on going to Italy. I wanted to go to Iceland as well, but R said it’s too soon to be travelling what with the move coming up and the fact that I wanted to go in March.

I have another resolution which is to try and lose some damn weight, but as we all know resolutions of that nature are perhaps the most difficult to keep, so I may instead not make the resolution and just see what happens.

Anyway, I’m writing this on the train to Newcastle and breakfast is coming soon so that’s it for now.