I’ve accepted a new contract in York, which means R and I will be moving back to Yorkshire in the near future. I always thought I’d stay at HMRC in Newcastle until I went on maternity leave (not that I’m pregnant yet), however my new agency made me an offer I simply couldn’t refuse. So, from 23 October I’ll be contracting to Defra and commuting to York every day until we can find a new house.

I’m going to be really sad to leave Newcastle. I’ve made some great friends up here and I really love my current team – we work hard, but we have amazing fun doing it (honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard in my life as I have with these guys). However, needs must and my number one priority is saving as much as I can so we can buy a house and I can have a proper maternity leave (when the time comes). This is one of the few things about contracting that isn’t so great. No sick pay, no maternity pay, no holiday pay. But as long as you’re sensible and put money aside then these things shouldn’t be an issue.

We’re both looking forward to being back in Yorkshire, but I think R may be a little more than I am. After all, I’m going to be giving up more than he is. But it will be good for both of us, both professionally and personally. It’ll be nice to catch up with some old friends and have the opportunity to live in such a beautiful city.

I will miss my team though. A couple of weeks ago I happened to mention to one of them that I really wanted one of those scratch-off map things and they actually went out and got me one as a leaving present, along with some lovely chocolates. And my other work buddies banded together and got me some amazing gingerbread gin, some lovely notebooks and pens and a massive mug (because more tea is good tea, obvs). They’re all so thoughtful and I know it’s going to be hard starting over.