3 weeks pregnant

Baby size: Tardigrade

I found out this morning that I’m pregnant!

R and I have been trying for nearly a year, so this really is amazing news. Particularly as this was the last month we’d agreed to try before going for fertility testing, so the timing was right on the nose.

I’d started getting heartburn a few days after we conceived, and initially put it down to eating too-rich food. And I’ve also been feeling a bit sick and had some cramps in my belly and my lower back. I had told myself that this month I would absolutely, definitely wait until my period due date before testing, because I’d spent a fortune on pregnancy and ovulation tests already and the negative results had been making me feel a bit depressed. However, something told me that this time might be the one, so I got a 6 days early test and saw …. a blue line that was so unimaginably faint that it might possibly have not been there at all.

So I asked R, who put his glasses on and made hmmm noises.

And then I asked my mum, who had come round to borrow my car, and she said she could see it (thereby confirming that I wasn’t going mad) but also made hmmm noises and told me not to get too excited.

So, this morning, after promising R that I wouldn’t do another test until Saturday, I sneakily did a test while he was downstairs making tea and got … a test malfunction symbol.

So I did another one.

And look!

How amazing is that? By the way, the droplets on the test are from the shower. I needed to get ready for my morning meetings so I hopped in while I waited for the result to be processed. 

Trying to concentrate on work after getting this has been one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do. In fact, I definitely could have done better. Luckily my mum was already due to pop round again so I was able to catch up with her and also to tell my stepdad the good news at the same time. They’re both sworn to secrecy though, as we’re not going to be telling anyone else until Christmas. Won’t that be a nice gift?

I did spend some of the day setting up some of the processes of being pregnant that I need to have in place – letting my GP surgery know, so they can arrange a midwife to get in touch, contacting a decorator to sort out the crappy wall in the spare room (I have no patience in my heart for removing / replacing lining paper), and downloading some apps to help me track my pregnancy right through to birth (and beyond!). I used an app called Glow to track my ovulation and it was really helpful, so I’ve decided to use the sister app (Nurture) for my pregnancy. And I also signed up for a couple of mailing lists recommended by the NHS so I can get advice and resources sent to me weekly. This may all sound like overkill but I’ve generally found that preparing for things helps to keep my stress down. 

All I need now is to find some comfy bras!