5 weeks pregnant

Baby size: Dot snail

Pregnancy symptoms are starting to wear a bit thin. This doesn’t bode well, seeing as how I have nearly 8 more months to go. My boobs hurt, my head hurts, my stomach hurts (cramps) and I seem to have developed both insomnia and narcolepsy. In fact, all the short-term snoozing kinda reminds me of being back in Tromso again, only without all the fun of snowmobiling with blueberry mini muffins stuffed into your pockets.

For additional fun, this week I started crying at basically everything. For example:

  • trying to book a dentist appointment
  • reading an article about baby milestones
  • reading an article about how often you should feed a newborn
  • picking Errol up / hugging Errol
  • getting a LinkedIn recommendation
  • watching a book review on YouTube
  • eating carrot sticks
  • going to the Botanist for a lunch date with R
  • seeing a cute baby
  • R telling me he was going to M&S

I have also lost all power to stop myself from creating baby wishlists. I had started doing it before we conceived (even though I knew it wasn’t a good idea) and now that I’m pregnant I’ve just entirely given up resisting the impulse to window shop. I think I have wishlists without about 5 different online retailers now. Maybe 6? Gaaah. It’s a bad sign that I’m starting to lose track. They are mostly for sensible things, neatly divided into which bit of pregnancy / post-birth they’re needed for, and I don’t think I’ve gone too overboard on cute non-essentials (which are clearly marked, by the way!). However, there is quite a lot already and a couple of days ago I even started another one with Waterstones for all the books I want to buy for the baby, from toddler right through to secondary school, so it’s fair to say that I might be going a bit overboard. But I have an idea for where I want to put bookshelves in the baby’s room and I know that as soon as they’re done I’m going to want to put books on them! Once again, I am so glad that we bought our house when we did and that we can actually do want we want to make the baby’s room look special. Ok and now I’m crying again, super.