27 weeks pregnant

Baby size: Fennec fox

Things are still going pretty smoothly but I have to say, today has been a day. It started off well – going to the doctor’s to get my whooping cough vaccine – but it’s only just gone 9pm and I’m already in bed, having had a crap night’s sleep last night thanks to R’s snoring. Also, my sciatica is playing up (from spending part of the night on the sofa), I have an weird, unexplained dry cough, and when doing a lateral flow test at home (to investigate the cough – not covid apparently) I accidentally threw up in my mouth and had to run to the kitchen bin before it went everywhere. And then when we were eating dinner I dropped some on my favourite Recyclops tshirt, which only maybe won’t have a stain thanks to R’s handiness with the white vinegar. Sadly, it’s not even the first time I’ve dropped food on myself during this pregnancy. I’m finding it difficult to lean forward and I can’t get the plate close to me anymore, so bringing food to my mouth has become a dangerous game. Plus I feel super stretched today, to the point where eating food just feels terrible because there’s so little space inside me and my ribs hurt from being pushed outwards. R, as usual, has been a godsend – making dinner, cleaning my tshirt, stroking my legs (I have really bad, all-day-and-night restless leg at the moment) and making me horlicks. But it’s also entirely his fault that this is happening, sooo …

Anyway, last time I blogged it was all about shopping. But the past 2 weeks have been more about DIY improvements that buying stuff. The baby’s room needed a bit of work doing to it, so R and I have been hard at work stripping, filling, sanding, painting and building. R did most of the work, aided by his ever-growing selection of power tools. Who knew he’d turn out to be such a home improvements afficionado?! Certainly not me; he’s spent most of our time together describing himself as a ‘bodger’ and doing everything in his power to live up to that label. But the work he’s done in the baby’s rooms is perfect, so I’m more than happy 🙂

I have purchased a few more bits actually – just those things that were still outstanding and which we decided we really needed, such as a travel cot, a wearable baby carrier and some essentials for my hospital bag (which is now pretty much finished). In fact, the only things left to get are a feeding system and a nightlight for the baby, as well as a floor lamp for the nursery so that we can cuddle up in the rocker on an evening without needing to have the main light on.

This past week was also fairly notable in that it marked the end of lockdown in the UK. Yep, we’re allowed to hug again. Not that we ever legally weren’t allowed to hug, but whatever. I’m not going to be hugging people anyway. And I’m keeping my mask on. The Indian variant currently sweeping several parts of the country is worrying enough, but scientists are already saying it’s likely it will lead to a 3rd wave and I don’t trust the general public to behave sensibly enough (as a collective) to prevent this from happening. So I’m not taking any chances. Mask on, distancing maintained and if anyone tries to touch me I will smack a bitch. However, I am looking forward to being able to visit my (also pregnant) sister fairly soon so we can compare bumps! And on a call with S & M the other day they said their wedding is likely to be in September, so I’m crossing my fingers that everything stays on course as much as possible so that we can a) get out to Luxembourg for their happy day and b) get to introduce them to their godchild for the first time!

In recent baby news, we had another little scare over the weekend because the kiddo’s activity dropped off by 50 to 60%, over a period of 4 days. They were still moving, but not as much, and not as strongly. Having a very active baby has proven to be somewhat of a curse, because I can sense even the slightest reduction in movement. Also, I’m a natural worrier, so if the activity doesn’t pick up again within a few hours I can’t stop myself from thinking the worst. So, I gave the maternity triage team at the hospital a ring and within half an hour I was sitting on a bed in the unit, with R in a chair next to me, listening to our baby’s healthy heartbeat over the doppler and sighing with relief that everything was ok. As well as the basic tests they also measured my bump for the first time, so we were able to find out a little early that we’re right on track size-wise (our first measurement was originally going to be at a midwife’s appointment next week).

True to form, as soon as we got home the baby decided to wake up and start having an epic dance party inside my belly. They did this the last time as well, when I didn’t feel anything from them from evening to morning and ended up going to see my midwife for a check up – as soon as I left her office, the little bugger starting kicking the crap out of me. Today has been no different. 12 hours later and the kid is still happily bouncing off every one of my available internal organs as if they hadn’t just freaked their parents out by playing possum. I am starting to think we must be having a very ironic baby.