Matilda’s 4th week was a one of growth and reaching milestones. Not only has our little girl really come into her own with her looking and listening, but she now fits into her newborn clothes for the first time! Of course, she’s still quite little, and is a bit of way off being able to fit into her 0 to 3 month outfits (she does wear them, but they’re massive), but after losing so much weight when she was born I’m really proud of all the progress she’s made.

We’re still a little concerned about a couple of things. Her face and scalp are quite sensitive and she has a rash that doesn’t look so great. Also, she’s still getting very bad gas after she feeds, which can result in her grunting and crying in pain, leaving me in tears as I try to console her. It’s quite tiring for both of us, as Matilda is kept awake by her tummy pain and I refuse to put her down until she feels more comfortable. The main things that help are massage and manipulation of her legs and bottom, so both R and I have been spending a lot of time on that throughout the day and night. But we also have started giving her colief, which seems to be helping a bit, and next week I’m going to cut out dairy to see if she has an intolerance or allergy.

Apart from those things, we seem to be generally doing better as a family. I’m definitely feeling a bit more steady in my new role as mummy, and now we’ve gotten into a bit of a nighttime routine (me and R – Tilda’s still a bit too little for a routine) I’m getting more sleep than I was before. It’s amazing how much of an impact 2 extra hours can have! Plus, Tilda is already quite good at sleeping at night; unlike during the day she goes down quick and stays down for longer – sometimes up to 3 hours, but usually about 2. Which is fine, because it means I’m able to get some bits of deep sleep here and there.

I also achieved a milestone of my own this past week, by going out with Tilda by myself. It might sound weird that I hadn’t done this before, but between feeling tired and having low confidence it just hadn’t been possible. But this week I took her to both a breastfeeding class at the hospital, and a mums’ meet up at a park on the other side of York. She did really well, only getting a bit upset when we were leaving the park, and I did mostly OK (I got a bit upset too), but the most important thing is that we did it!