And so it begins – enforced segregation. I’m luckier than most, in that I have a job I can do from home. But the thought of spending every day in the house, cut off from family and friends, is filling me with a kind of dread I hadn’t anticipated. I’m worried about my parents – they’re both over 60 and my stepdad has a stent in his heart, so they’re vulnerable – and both of my brothers, who work in customer-facing jobs and are unlikely to be furloughed soon, if at all. And my aunt, who lives on her own in Essex, far away from us and even further away from her own kids who both now live in Sydney. At least my sister is relatively near by, living just north of London. But even if they were living down the road it might as well be a hundred miles at this point.

Fingers crossed R and I won’t get sick. There’s not much chance of it, although if it is going to happen I’d rather it were sooner than later. However, that was what I said back in February and I’m not sure my reasoning has stood the test of time.

I feel like I need to make some kind of pandemic resolution. For example – during lockdown I resolve to finally finish Swann’s Way, a book I’ve been almost finishing for about 10 years now. Or, you know, something equally admirable. Likely though? Probably not. But if there’s one thing we’ve got lots of right now, it’s time.