2019 sure was a busy year. R had surgery, I got a new job, we bought a house and started making improvements, R started his driving lessons and Errol has thrown up … ooooh, probably about 50 or 60 times. Not too shabby for us.

As we careen head first into 2020 I’m honestly not sure what to expect. Brexit looms, parts of the world are on fire, other parts are melting, the lunatics are even more firmly in charge and my bottom has grown so large it’s developed a minor gravitational pull. All being well, I can solve at least one of these problems.

I’ve debated selecting any new year’s resolutions this year, simply because my head is so caught up in work, house stuff, family stuff and all the other daily flotsam of adulting, that I don’t seem to have had much time for self-reflection. Nevertheless, and true to form, let’s toss some out and see what sticks.

Last year I resolved to read 100 books, travel to 2 new countries, complete a half marathon and get my Irish citizenship. I read 42 (?) books, travelled to one new country, went nowhere near any kind of half marathon and found out I couldn’t get my Irish citizenship because I can’t prove my father’s ancestry (I would need his ID, and for that I would need him, and that’s not going to happen – probably). So, this year let me see if I can:

  • read 100 books (that old Goodread’s challenge again, bo!)
  • drop a dress size (perhaps my previous resolution was, ironically, too big)
  • travel to 2 new countries (of course)
  • rack up at least 150 days of Duolingo (French)

Sound good? Game on.